Musical career:

Yasemin Esra Üçcan began her musical education at the age of 9 by studying at the Hacettepe Conservatory Piano Department. She continued her education at the Strasbourg Conservatory. After secondary education, she returned to Turkey and graduated from Charles de Gaulle High School in Ankara. When she went to France to study Architecture in Strasbourg, she continued to study piano at the Strasbourg Conservatory. Apart from her piano education, she has been making compositions inspired by Eastern and Western cultures since childhood. She recorded some of her classic piano compositions in the concert hall of Bilkent University in 2005. This album has been shared on the internet. She participated in numerous instrumental composition contests, competing in the finals three times. While expressing her interest in social life and human psychology in her poetry, she began composing songs by combining these poems with her music. She returned to Turkey in 2012. From then onwards, she continued her musical works with acknowledged local artists. She produced an indie-pop style album in which she wrote, composed and sang all the songs. The album will be published by the end of 2017.

Architectural career:

Yasemin Esra ÜÇCAN is a French-Turkish architect. She studied at the National Superior Architecture School of Strasbourg (ENSAS) and obtained her architecture degree in 2007. She completed her professional degree in Meyzaud Architects in Strasbourg, where she worked as an architect until 2011.Esra has worked on projects of housing and public buildings, including rehabilitation, ecological and low consumption buildings and their construction. She completed her studies through training on " Low Energy Buildings (BBE), new and renovation, RT2012 " in March 2011. During her studies, Esra had the opportunity to carry out her training in architecture, in particular in ancient Turkish archaeological sites. In 2011, she joined forces with "InAffairs International Counseling Ltd." through which she developed and managed projects in Luxembourg and Algeria. Bilingual, (speaking French and Turkish) Esra currently lives in Istanbul where she practices as an architect. She thus acts as a consultant for local projects for international clients. Accompanied by a multidisciplinary team, she performs complete missions, ensuring all project phases: sketching, project execution, construction, construction management, development and manufacture of furniture, project economics, etc. Her multi-cultural approach and strong technical skills and capabilities combine rigor and creativity in the projects that she carries out with a view to ensuring the quality highly valued and required by customers. Actually she works on architectural projects and constructions in İstanbul and in Bodrum.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 18.56.12.png


by Esra UCCAN

An Acoustic Classical Piano Album

Composed and performed by EU


Hanım Kız

by Esra Üçcan

An Indie Pop Rock Album

Songs writen, composed by EU

Arabesque in French - Covers

by Esra Uccan

Famous Turkish Song adapted to French by EU

Piano and Vocals by Esra Uccan

Sound Engineering Ender Akay